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Can I scan your lift ticket [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Mar 2005|09:12pm]
Spring Break 2005 was so awesome. Thanks

All I want to do is hold your hand once more.
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[04 Jan 2005|12:33am]
its bull...pure bull and i dont want to deal with it anymore.
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[29 Dec 2004|10:06pm]
see the thing is, is that i do kinda like u, but im like the third string qb....
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[17 Oct 2004|01:43am]
[ mood | Whoa ]

Sweetness thats all I have to say.

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Deep [29 Aug 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | curious ]

To the fan, lacrosse is a game of finesse and skill, but to the player, it's those two attributes plus strength, guts, and sweat. It demands great speed as well as endurance, skills, footwork and strength. For 60 minutes, you are expected to run up and down a field, longer than 100 yards, and be able to coordinate your arms well enough to use a stick to catch a ball, cradle it, throw fakes, dodges, passes, and shots, and to do so with both hands. Defensively, you are expected to keep your arms up in the air holding a stick and keeping a strong defensive stance, while performing defensive runs (body and shoulders facing in one direction while feet facing 90 degrees to another direction), crossover steps, and side-shuffles. Defensively, you must always be on your toes, ready to spring into action, because one single lapse of physical or mental concentration can mean the difference between a championship and a tearful bus-ride home. And with any sport, if you are not in top shape physically, your mental game will suffer.

We start on Tuesday.

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SUMMER [12 Jun 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | DUDE ]


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UNDERCLASS MEN, taking the Seniors down [14 May 2004|06:14pm]
[ mood | DUDE ]

WE WON.....The score was 1-0, yes that's right, Mohican shut out the Seniors. I however did not score but thats ok. I played almost the entire game so that made up for it. I'd like to thank all my fans that came out to support the Underclassmen. Unfortunately, some people were unable to go to the game. I'll have to think about forgiving you. A good excuse is needed. UNDERCLASS MEN WIN!!!

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IDK [03 May 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | DUDE ]

I don't know whats going on anymore....LAX game next friday...you all better go.....PLEASE.....

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Disney [19 Apr 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | I DONT KNOW ]

Weekend was alright...It definately could have been better....Trust me on this one..Stayed at Old Key West, worked out some while there, played tennisizzle, beach volleyball and shuffle board.....Got to come home early today because I wasn't feeling good..later guys...


Oh yea...I messed up good....

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Girls...hmmmm... [26 Mar 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | hmmm ]

Girls are very confusing.....especially the ones that you want to be friends with...

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[13 Mar 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | Sweet ]

LOOK AT ME...I AM HAPPY...for various reasons, care to guess...

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How's it going? Horrible, tired, done.. [26 Feb 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | really thinking ]

Alright guys...I have had lacrosse practice everyday after school(except Fridays), so that really eats into my time..but it is all worth it. This is a first year program so we are the pioneers and by the time I graduate I will be really, really good (im not that bad now by the way) and be an allstar jock, popular kid..well, i believe our first game is on March 5th. Make sure you guys come out to support the team. We aren't the greatest but I'm sure we will do pretty well. Um, yeah so practice is going really well, I'm liking it. It is fun and it keeps me occupied and my mind off of other subjects, which brings me to..yea the ladies thing isn't working to well for me...i dont know what it is with girls. you girls are evil..you think they like you but no, 'too good a friend'..besides that it is too hard to let go of someone that you see everyday..i really don't like this...it is also hard when you can't tell who you like anymore..there are some times when you know for sure who you like and then there are times when you like maybe a couple people and you are really confused..i don't know what im getting at...but yeah..think about it...

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Valentines Day Blues [13 Feb 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | Could be better ]

It's Valentine's Day and you know..
A little something on the day of love..pfft..Collapse )

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